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    We’re as fed up of Covid as everyone else, but we’re still doing our best to keep everyone safe and healthy, and to keep the Hostel open, and aim for your stay to be as unimpeded by restrictions as possible.

    Ongoing precautions:

    While all legal restrictions have been removed, Here at Elterwater Hostel we’ve decided to retain some precautions in order to protect our staff, guests and the business.

    We are still limiting the number of guests to allow a level of social distancing in the communal areas, and staff will continue to wear masks when serving food and in the public areas in busy times.

    We’ve adopted additional cleaning procedures throughout the hostel. All shared facilities are open and available with increased ventilation. Self catering facilities are also open but we ask guests to respect others’ personal space.

    The staff will not enter your room for the duration of your stay, unless specifically requested to do so.

    Use your common sense:

    We ask that everyone uses their common sense, and shows decency and respect to both our team and to other guests. The best ways to do this are, as ever, to:

    • Maintain social distancing, particularly in the communal areas of the Hostel
    • Keep to regular hand washing practices
    • Wear a facemask if in crowded spaces, or if anyone asks you to
    • Most importantly of all, we still encourage you to take a test before your visit, and to not visit hostel if you test positive, show symptoms, or have a recent covid contact.


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