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    Guest Information and Safety Measures


    What is the same?

    Most things!

    We’re still the same hostel, in the same beautiful location with the same attentive staff.

    If you’ve visited before, you will know first-hand how helpful and friendly Nick, Charlie, Andy and Pete are. They can’t wait to welcome you, whether you are a returning guest or staying with us for the first time.

    There is lots of green space with some of the very best of the Lake District right outside the front door to enable you to enjoy an active or restful break close to nature.

    What has changed?

    We have made all necessary adjustments to meet government guidance and to ensure the safety of our guests and staff.

    We’ve outlined changes at each stage of your stay below.


    Booking/Flexible Cancellation

    • Our normal cancellation terms for individual bookings is 5 days.
    • If we or the Government have to make changes, or you are required to isolate by a genuine NHS Track & Trace event, you can cancel the booking at any time with no cost to yourself.



    • All guests need to book in advance.
    • You will be required to confirm that you do not have any covid-19 symptoms and that you comply with current government guidelines regarding social contact restrictions.
    • These guidelines require designated showers for each permitted group.
    • The hostel will no longer be open to guests arriving prior to check-in. Timed check in will be available between 4.30pm and 8.30pm unless prior arrangements are made for a late check-in up to 10.30pm.
    • Electronic registration is now preferred, and the relevant forms will be sent to you in advance for completion. it is now a legal requirement to provide the names of all party members over 16 years of age.
    • Face coverings are now mandatory in all communal areas of the hostel including at check in.
    • Guests will be asked to answer health questions regarding possible contact with the virus and may also be subject to a temperature check. We reserve the right to refuse entry to anyone showing signs of the virus.
    • We will also need to keep a record of your full contact details and arrival / departure time to comply with NHS Track and Trace regulations.


    During your stay

    • Once checked in you will have access to the hostel during the day. Please respect our neighbours and other guests when entering and leaving the hostel, especially later in the evening.
    • Please make sure the door is locked at all times when reception is closed, for both security and to assist in complying with COVID guidelines
    • You can still come and go at your leisure during the day but should not admit any other visitors.
    • Please make use of the hand sanitisers and wash your hands regularly and maintain social distancing guidelines.
    • Should you fall ill during your stay please immediately inform a member of staff and stay in your room to self-isolate and minimise the risk of transmission. You should also request a test.



    • Unfortunately the self-catering facilities are closed in accordance with government guidance.
    • New bookings include a choice of full English or Continental breakfast in the price given that self catering is not available.
    • Evening meals are also available, preferably booked ahead but by 6pm on the day at the latest and packed lunch can be booked up to 7.30pm the previous evening.
    • Should we be allowed to open the self-catering kitchen at a later date then guests will be given the option of keeping the cooked breakfast or choosing to self-cater with a refund of £6.95 per adult and £4 per child.


    Rooms, Bedding and Bathrooms

    • Shared dorm rooms are no longer allowed.
    • Rooms are booked as private rooms to individuals, couples, families or legally permitted support bubbles with shared toilets / washroom facilities.
    • We are currently allocating a designated shower for each bubble but expect to revert to shared shower facilities later in the year as the situation improves and will contact you in advanced if this applies to your booking.
    • In addition, we have reduced the occupancy of the hostel by nearly two thirds to facilitate social distancing in the building and ensure safe access to facilities.



    • There will be increased and regular cleaning in the hostel common areas and bathrooms.
    • The staff will not enter your room for the duration of your stay, unless specifically requested to do so.
    • All keys will be in the room, so you do not have to be passed the key by a staff member upon arrival.
    • Bedding will be provided for you to make your own beds as before, but after your stay we ask that you strip the bed, and leave the bedding in your room in the bags provided.
    • Bedding is cleaned professionally off-site at 72oC.


    Common Areas, Touch Points and Social Distancing

    • Enhanced cleaning will be taking place throughout the hostel at common touch points, with certified anti-viral cleaning products in use.
    • The frequency will also increase to include an additional clean before breakfast, when reception opens, in the afternoon and before staff leave the building for the evening around 9pm.
    • Sanitising stations have been installed throughout our common areas.
    • Firesafe doorstops are in place to keep doors open and reduce the need to touch handles.
    • Additionally, guests will be provided with a contactless EDC key which will further minimise the need to touch.
    • Games in our common area have been removed for the time being, but books remain and can be borrowed at your own risk. We’ll ask you to return books to a specific box so we can quarantine them before returning them for others to enjoy.
    • Social distancing is in place throughout the hostel, with new screening in place to facilitate this.
    • Please respect social distancing guidelines and be aware of other guests’ boundaries.


    Common Sense

    Best practice is still to

    • Wash your hands regularly with soap and hot water for a minimum of 20 seconds
    • Avoid touching your face, wear a face covering where appropriate and
    • Maintain social distancing.
    • Please do not visit the hostel if you have symptoms of coronavirus or have been in contact with anyone who has symptoms.


    Flexible Terms and Conditions

    We appreciate the need for flexibility in these difficult times, so our T&Cs have been amended to make it easier for you to cancel.  Please see the small print here for more details.


    What Else Is Open?

    Options for eating out in the village are now limited so please check your chosen pub or restaurant is open and whether bookings are required beforehand – or stay in and enjoy a meal in the hostel.

    Our ‘local’, The Britannia Inn, is a firm favourite with guests. They plan to be open with Covid-19 measures in place and table reservations required inside – see full details on their website

    Most car parks and public toilets in the area are now open but please see for up to date details.

    Your favourite fells and trails are open as normal and there is plenty of space out there to social distance but not all attractions will be open. Many attractions and boat trips require booking in advance, so do check out the websites before setting out.  If you are looking for inspiration or links to activities there is a host of information at


    Any other Questions or Concerns?

    If you have any further questions, please do feel free to get in touch with us at or call 015394 37245 and we will do our best to answer.


    Guests comments

    “The staff were really friendly which helped to live at ease with the Covid restrictions, everywhere was spotless and the food was great. Never too sure we would get into the village pub to eat we went full board and were very well fed and that included the packed lunches to take with us.” September 2020
    “Wonderful host, very welcoming and extra helpful. Felt COVID-secure and very private as they are taking less guests.” July 2020
    “Friendly staff who aim to meet all need. Good food and comfortable rooms.
    Attention to Covid protection excellent allowing us to feel confident to stay in hostel, yet just as relaxed as previous visits.” July 2020
    “The whole hostel was spotless as usual and real thought had been put into the Covid procedures and how to make us feel comfortable. We had delicious meals for dinner and breakfast. We’ll be back again soon! Thanks to all the lovely team.” July 2020

    Guest and Staff safety and security is our top priority.  Please do let us know if there’s anything we can do to reassure you of our safety measures and procedures.

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