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Easter Egg Treasure Hunt: Clue number One

14th April 2019


Easter Egg Treasure Hunt starts here!

Find the clue, solve the puzzle, and take your voucher to Elterwater Hostel to claim your Egg.

Today’s map reference is GR 33773 03982

There’s a bench overlooking the eastern end of Elterwater

Your cryptic clue is: Sitting in a tree with an eggcellent view.

And here’s a photo to help:






Every day this week leading up to Easter Sunday, we will publish a clue here on our website.

The clues will lead treasure seekers onto the lower fells around our village of Elterwater in the Langdale valley, and the locations will reveal a voucher to be exchanged for a prize egg at the hostel.

Follow the clues around Elterwater to find the Easter treasure

The treasure hunt is an extension of a successful scheme which has been arranged in and around the grounds of the hostel in previous years.

“All ages love going on a treasure hunt,” said hostel manager Nick Owen. “We wanted to add a bit of extra adventure this year and open up the competition to all visitors to the Lakes. And everyone likes chocolate.”

“The clues might be cryptic, or contain a map reference, but the locations will all be in safe and easily reached places.”


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