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    Supporting the Lake District Foundation

    We are long standing supporters of the Lake District Foundation. LDF are an organisation that inspires people to care for the Lake District, funding conservation, environmental and cultural heritage projects to preserve this beautiful area for visitors.

    “The Lake District Foundation was established as a charity in August 2017. Prior to this, under the name Nurture Lakeland, the organisation had been working for 23 years to raise funds from visitors and the tourism industry.”

    Why LDF?

    As part of the tourism industry in the Lake District we want to do our bit to support the sector and the beautiful surrounding area. We love the Lake District as much as all our guests do, and we want it to be preserved for guests to continue to visit. By supporting LDF, you support us.

    How do we support?

    • All guests are encouraged to make a £1 donation when booking their stay at the hostel.
    • Our Manager is in frequent contact and has attended LDF meetings to try and build a stronger, bigger, green community in the Lakes, and begin a conversation about “Carbon-Free Langdale”. (This conversation is currently on pause due to Covid-19).
    • We have several donation boxes around the hostel itself; donations are particularly encouraged in return for free tea and coffee that guests can enjoy.

    What can you do?

    If you would like to support LDF, and thereby support tourism in the Lakes, please consider donating via this link.

    Latest Updates

    To learn more about LDF’s latest work, see their January 2021 News here.

    Fix The Fells have been busy repairing the path on Loughrigg.

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