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Twenty three before tea

8th July 2019

Twenty three Wainwrights and back in time for tea…could this be the new challenge for fellwalkers and runners? When we published our map of Wainwrights within reach of the hostel, after Paul Tierney’s record-breaking run round ALL of them, our list of 23 caught the imagination of many Lakes lovers on social media. Not content [...]

Our Wainwrights, inspired by Tierney’s new record

21st June 2019

Paul Tierney’s new record for completing all the Wainwrights in the Lake District has captured the attention of the world. (BBC news / ITV news) It’s a remarkable new record, six days six hours and five minutes to run over 214 Lakeland fells, breaking Steve Birkinshaw’s record by seven hours. Climbing Harter Fell at night. [...]

Our small contribution to a very big challenge

14th June 2019

Paul Tierney set off this morning (Friday) on a very big challenge to attempt a new record for running ALL the Wainwright fells in the Lakes. That’s 214 mountain summits, a distance of 320 miles, and around 118,000ft of climbing. And he’s aiming to do it in just over six days. Lots of our visitors […]

Refill your water bottle here

12th June 2019

Water’s free – and you’re very welcome to call here at Elterwater Independent Hostel and refill from our outside tap. In fact, it doesn’t seem so long ago that everyone carried a reusable water bottle. Now we have to mark National Refill Day to prevent millions of single-use plastic bottles from polluting our streets and our […]

Five best walks with children in the Lakes

29th May 2019

You’ll be surprised how happily children will go for a walk in the Lakes if there’s some excitement along the way. Here’s five great little walks easily done from Elterwater Independent Hostel.These are recommendations, not detailed guides. You will need a good map, and we sell the AA/OS maps which cover the routes here. If […]

Top activities for families in the Lake District

20th May 2019

Young and old love coming to stay at Elterwater and we are close to some of the best activities for families that the Lake District has to offer. Here’s our top tips for all the family. 1. The newly opened Windermere Jetty museum of boats, steam and stories has enough to keep youngsters occupied for […]

The wrap on our Easter egg challenge

21st April 2019

Many thanks to all who took part in our Easter egg treasure hunt challenge. We know that all of the clues were found…but not all of the eggs were claimed. Congratulations to one of the winners, Caitlin McKay, who came along for her egg after finding the clue here in our village. We’d be pleased […]

Hoola hoop challenge on a mountain top

1st April 2019

We took to the top of a mountain on April Fool’s Day with hoola hoops, and some very surprising results. It was just a fun idea; manager Nick remembered a hoola hoop in his daughter’s room and wondered if people still had the skill. And on the summit of Loughrigg (1099feet) we found that they […]

Easter egg treasure hunt

27th March 2019

An Easter egg treasure hunt on the lower hills around our hostel will start in Easter week. Starting Monday April 15, on every day leading up to Easter Sunday, we will publish a clue here on our website. The clues will lead treasure seekers onto the lower fells around our village of Elterwater in the […]

The perfect pancake recipe

5th March 2019

Patience is the secret to the perfect pancake recipe. But why do we eat pancakes anyway on Shrove Tuesday?  In Christian tradition, the 40 days before Easter  known as Lent mark the time that Jesus spent fasting in the desert. Lent starts tomorrow, with Ash Wednesday, when penitents have a cross of ashes placed on […]

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