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    Meet the team:



    Nick has served as manager at the hostel, originally for the YHA, since the early 90’s having previously worked 6 years at the YHA hostel in Kendal.

    Nick is a keen walker, cyclist, open water swimmer, triathlete, photographer and rock & winter climber, none of which he is actually any good at! He has a recently acquired love of paddleboarding.

    He is also heavily involved with the local mountain rescue team and has now been active there for more than 30 years.

    Having lived in the area for such a long time, he knows the hills and surrounding area very well, and is happy to share his knowledge with guests and visitors.


    Charlie may not have been at the hostel as long as Nick, but she too has fallen in love with this idyllic spot in the Central Lakes. Charlie is in her ninth year at Elterwater and loves her life in this beautiful valley.

    When not welcoming guests, cleaning washrooms, or rustling up a full English or a bit of flapjack for the hostel, she enjoys walking and mountain biking the fells with her partner Paul, or volunteering on the National Trust’s Steam Yacht Gondola and in Ambleside’s Oxfam shop. Her two sons visit on the train. Ian enjoys conquering the ‘mountains’ with his mum. Dave is happy to enjoy the friendly relaxed atmosphere of the hostel while he reads or finishes off a bit of work for his PhD before exploring some of the more cultural attractions such as Dove Cottage, home to the poet Wordsworth.

    Charlie is looking forward to another season at this special little hostel, to seeing old friends, and to welcoming new ones.


    Andy, although being the newest member of the team, is now also well established. This is his 6th year at Elterwater hostel and he has also spent time at other Lakes hostels. He enjoys walking, running and riding all the trails he can find. The ability to end these adventures at a welcoming Lakeland watering hole makes him an admirable source of advice.



    Pete joins the team on a regular basis helping during holidays and busy weeks. A keen walker, cyclist and traveller to far flung places never happier than when taking photographs. He has lived in the lakes for over 30 years and has a wealth of walking experience which he enjoys sharing with guests old and new to Elterwater Hostel. He has recently completed photographing Hadrian’s Wall for a new History guide to the World Hertiage site.


    Christine is one of the family owners and the only one involved on a day-to-day basis.

    11039084_1084460458237353_9182936033606272866_nShe is responsible for the making sure the back office runs smoothly.  Focusing on accounting and finance, the booking system and website as well as driving the growth and improvement of the business. Every now and again she is tempted to interfere with the actual running of the Hostel but usually beats a hasty retreat to leave things in the much more capable hands of Nick, Charlie and the team.

    Christine fell in love with Elterwater on her first visit (to the then YHA) in 1976 and comes back as often as time allows but you are more likely to come across her at the end of the telephone which she answers remotely when Nick and the team are not around.

    Passionate about improving the Hostel and providing the best base from which to explore the Langdale Valley Christine reads each and every review to help establish priorities and formulate strategies. If you have any comments or suggestion she would love to hear from you at

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