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    All in a Winter’s Work

    26th April 2022

    With Spring well embedded and Easter in the past, I am reflecting on everything we achieved over the winter here at Elterwater Hostel. As well as a range of groups, catered and self-catered, we managed what might be our final phase of the post-YHA refurb; we revamped the self-catering kitchen. In early May this year […]

    Getting Ready for Winter Mountain Adventures

    20th November 2021

    One of my (now not so secret) lock-down guilty secrets is a weird enjoyment of really bad horror films. You know, the ones where victims end up running through the woods in the dark with no light and manage not to run in to any number of trees or trip down a rabbit hole, despite […]

    Night Cycling Adventures

    20th November 2021

    After my last day of the season working I was desperate to get out for a quick spin and some fresh air. I decided to go out over Loughrigg Terrace in the dark. It’s often busy with walkers during the day so I don’t do it much on the bike. I couldn’t find my bike-lights […]

    Great Outdoors Awards – Best Hostel Nomination

    20th November 2021

    What an honour even to be nominated! We were shocked, but pleasantly surprised, to see ourselves listed in the nominations for the Hostel or Bunkhouse of the year category in the Great Outdoors Awards 2021. The stress of managing a small business through the pandemic is really not what we had in mind all those […]

    Carbon Footprint Calculations

    19th November 2021

    At Elterwater, we have always been mindful of our place in the environment and our duty to protect and preserve the environment around us. We’ve always supported local conservation initiatives, such as Fix the Fells, but we’ve also been putting a lot of thought and effort in behind the scenes to reduce our carbon footprint […]

    Mixing Bowls and Tiger Wellies

    18th November 2021

    It’s that time of year again – the end of season lost property sort out. If you have ever left something behind at a hostel, you are by no means alone. I’ve done it myself – a lovel­­­­­­­­y big Pyrex mixing bowl at Salcombe Youth Hostel about 30 years ago, and yes, I’m still kicking […]

    Paul sets new record for 23 before Tea

    25th October 2021

    WE were delighted when ultra-runner and holder of records Paul Wilson announced he was going to tackle the 23 before Tea challenge on the fells around Elterwater. Here’s his account of how he broke the record on Thursday October 14: “I first heard about this challenge last year when Dave Cumins ran the route to celebrate […]

    The Bottom Bunk Club

    8th August 2021

    A few years ago, in response to enquiries from some of our older guests who no longer wanted to climb up ladders to get on the top bunk we set up what has affectionately become known as the bottom bunk club. This is not an age-related offer, but…… It is aimed at those groups who […]

    Out and About in Nature

    3rd August 2021

    Where can I go for a walk and have a swim as well?  This is a question we are often asked “This is the Lake District – the answer is in the question!” we reply “No, somewhere quiet I mean” Well here are a couple of Andy’s favourites:     Of course we can’t give […]

    Charlie’s adventures on Coniston

    2nd August 2021

    It’s been great to be out on my own adventures again; especially back on Coniston Water. A couple of weeks ago, Paul and I took kayaks down to the southern end of the lake and paddled out to Peel Island, otherwise known as Wildcat Island to Ransome aficionados. The secret harbour and the lookout point […]

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