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Bottom Bunk Club

In 2019 we launched the Bottom Bunk Club; aimed at those groups who are happy to share a room but fight to avoid the bed ladder! We’re looking forward to a time when we don’t have to stay at home anymore, and so we’ve decided to relaunch the club for 2020.

Here’s the deal. When we emerge from isolation, get together a group of at least ten people, and the sole use of the whole hostel can be yours for a mid-week break (Monday to Thursday). You need to book a minimum of two nights, but we’re offering a great bargain: bed, breakfast and evening meal for just £80 per person for TWO nights.

Sole use of the hostel for your party, a chance to reconnect with friends and make up for the cancelled winter/spring holiday… and no bunk ladders to climb.

Non Refundable Rates

Check out our non refundable rates offering a 10% discount for midweek bookings made more than 14 days in advance – but take care they are just that – Non Refundable!


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