The best ever sausage casserole

Ever wonder if some of the world’s culinary classic dishes were developed by accident?

Nick the Cook

Our manager Nick created this recipe entirely by chance, using leftover veg with some Cumberland sausage, and the result was stunning. So here’s how he did it, but you can improvise and use whatever you have in the fridge. Nick says it would also work well with liver. Quantities here would feed four, with jacket potatoes or rice or chunks of warm bread.

In a big pan saute some garlic in oil, and add chopped veg. In this case it was one leek, a stick of celery, half a large courgette and a red pepper. Chop into pieces some Cumberland sausage; Nick used a pack of six.

Put in some finely chopped fresh ginger and mixed herbs, then add a tin of chopped tomatoes, and some red wine. Nick used the tail end of a bottle of Rioja.

Transfer to a casserole dish and cook (uncovered) in the oven at 200c (gas mark 6) for half an hour. The result is a rich and warming very tasty dish, perfect for the end of a day on the hills.

Maybe it will be on the menu when you come to stay with us in the new year….