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    Cumbria Way – Day 2

    1st October 2017

    Day two of our journey along the Cumbria Way.

    Christine at Beacon Tarn

    Christine walking ahead towards Beacon Tarn

    We’re heading for “home” on this leg, a pleasant day’s walking which included coffee break in Coniston after just three miles (thank you to the couple, born in 1880, who donated the bench where we rested. Much appreciated.)

    No muddy fields today; instead gently undulating paths with excellent views over the countryside. Yewdale was a pleasant surprise, with those ancient yew trees clearly evident, and Tarn How’s Wood was beautiful to walk through.


    Rainbow over the fells

    Unfortunately Tarn Hows itself was packed with Sunday cars and innumerable dog walkers going in both directions around the artificial lake.

    A small argument about what constituted a ‘3 way junction’ was overcome, and we had an enjoyable afternoon’s stroll reaching familiar territory at Skelwith, and then on to Elterwater.

    White House at Tarn Hows

    White House at Tarn Hows

    Hostel manager Nick and assistant Charlie treated us to tea and a share of Nick’s chocolate tiffin, before a good hot shower and a big dinner at The Britannia. We stayed on for the pub quiz but even with ace quizmaster Charlie on our team, we could only finish in the middle of the pack. But one question we were sure of: which Cumbrian town has statues of Laurel and Hardy?

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