I’ll say it again CUMBRIA IS OPEN!

Collectively, many Cumbrians breathed a deep sigh of relief when the rain finally stopped, and the floods began to subside. Those who were flooded could start to rebuild their homes and business, and those of us lucky to enough to stay above the waterline, counted our lucky stars.

However, the media coverage of the floods has had a knock on impact, with significantly reduced visitor number to the area, and many businesses – especially those which don’t benefit from long term advanced bookings – are suffering as a result.

Fell Top Assessor, Graham Uney, in his blog, gives an interesting update and outlines some extra things to bare in mind when you are visiting the lakes. He says,

…one of the best ways you can help the people of Cumbria recover from the floods is to visit those areas that are still ‘open’ (and that is a large part of the county!), and to keep coming back…

So we really want to reiterate the message, to all our guests, Cumbria is open! This helpful, regularly updated graphic, is an excellent resource for planning your visit. As of today, both Lansdale and Little Langdale are fully open as normal, with the exception of one small path in Chapel Style.

Cumbria is open! What’s more, with reduced visitor numbers, there is no better time to get out onto the hills, and into the town and villages.