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    World Environment Day 2020

    4th June 2020

    World Environment Day is celebrated worldwide on the 5th June each year. It was established in 1974 by the United Nations General Assembly, and has become a globally recognised initiative to engage businesses, governments, and citizens to focus their efforts on pressing environmental issues. Each year is host to a theme, which this year is […]

    How love for the Lakes changed our lives

    22nd May 2020

    Personal reflections on owning a hostel in the time of coronavirus Like so many others who love the Lake District, we are in exile and unable to visit. This week we planned to be at the hostel, covering our manager Nick’s holidays. He had an event to attend in London and Pete, our go-to relief, […]

    Happy birthday, Mr Wordsworth

    4th March 2020

    We’re preparing for a very important birthday celebration in this part of the Lake District. April 7 will mark 250 years since the birth of William Wordsworth who is arguably Britain’s most famous poet – and who wrote what is undoubtedly the world’s most famous poem. Daffodils: we have thousands of them around here, adding […]

    The perfect pancake recipe

    20th February 2020

    WE make no apologies for repeating this, our perfect pancake recipe, which was widely appreciated last year. Patience is the secret to the perfect pancake recipe. But why do we eat pancakes anyway on Shrove Tuesday?  In Christian tradition, the 40 days before Easter  known as Lent mark the time that Jesus spent fasting in […]

    We’re a Cool destination: it’s official!

    7th February 2020

    We are cool; it’s official. Well, to be honest, it’s been pretty chilly rather than cool over the last few weeks, but we’re rather pleased to see that Cumbria has made the annual Cool List. This is a judgment by the revered National Geographic magazine who’ve selected the 20 must-see destinations you should have on […]

    Five best books about the Lakes

    26th January 2020

    Here’s a list of the best books to start a debate in  book clubs and reading groups. The dramatic and romantic landscape of the Lakes has always inspired writers as well as artists, and we would be keen to hear what are YOUR favourites. We’ve welcomed several authors to stay with us here at Elterwater […]

    Lighting up the Pikes as rescue team reaches 50

    6th January 2020

      The most famous outline of all the Lakeland fells will be lit up spectacularly to celebrate a rescue anniversary this spring.   The Langdale Pikes – Harrison Stickle, Pike o’ Stickle and Loft Crag – will be lit over the mountain summits by hundreds of torches to mark 50 years of the Langdale Ambleside […]

    Five things to do with conkers

    30th September 2019

    Conkers, the symbol of autumn, and a great game for generations of children (and the not so young). But what else can you do with the fruits of the horse chestnut tree? There’s plenty of them around this autumn, and right now they’re just starting to fall. It’s fun to collect them, to take the […]

    Welcome to the bottom bunk club

    Bottom bunk

    11th September 2019

    This is not an age-related offer, but…… We know that life can get a bit more challenging as you get older. We know that the young at heart, of all ages, love coming to stay here at the hostel. They love our home cooking with a glass of wine or good local ale available, and [...]

    Twenty three before tea: can it be done?

    11th September 2019

    Twenty three before tea? Well, we were certainly fortified by a hostel breakfast before we set off on this challenge, inspired by Paul Tierney’s record-breaking run around all the Wainwrights. Place Elterwater at the middle of the map, take a photo, and there are 23 Wainwright tops in the rectangle. And when some fellrunners on […]

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