Night Cycling Adventures

After my last day of the season working I was desperate to get out for a quick spin and some fresh air. I decided to go out over Loughrigg Terrace in the dark. It’s often busy with walkers during the day so I don’t do it much on the bike.

I couldn’t find my bike-lights so I strapped every head-torch I had to my bike making it look like a 1980s Rally car and off I went up the hill. By the time I got to the terrace my lights were pointing every way but forward so I had a quick adjustment and set off again.

A relatively tame descent was made interesting by torchlight and the shadows cast and within a couple of minutes I arrived safely (.. ish) at Rydal Cave.
I then dropped down to Rydal and along to Grasmere where I was treated to a firework display somewhere in the village. I’m afraid my photo doesn’t do it any justice. 😂

A short climb up through Red Bank Woods, hoping for a deer or red squirrel to wander into my oddly angled light beams, then it was back down to the hostel.

Next time I will tackle something more adventurous and be better prepared.

There are loads of routes you can do from the hostel and you don’t need to wait till it gets dark….and remember be careful. No road users, animals or even walkers were harmed or blinded during this ride.

For more info on routes, speak to any of the staff here at the Hostel, or check out the Fat Tyres website with has some good suggestions

Cheers and have a nice winter!



– Andy