Out and About in Nature

Where can I go for a walk and have a swim as well? 

This is a question we are often asked

“This is the Lake District – the answer is in the question!” we reply

“No, somewhere quiet I mean”

Well here are a couple of Andy’s favourites:



Of course we can’t give the location away here … you will have to come and ask or go for an explore yourself!!

Nick tells us Good things come to those who wait, or right place, right time…

 Despite the comings and goings of a few thousand people each year, our garden and neighbourhood provide plenty of opportunity for the observant/lucky to spot some of our native wildlife 

Pipistrelle bats are regular summer evening visitors and can consume 3000 midges every day (OK by me!). Daubenton’s bats can be seen skimming the water for insects under the bridge in the village. We are happy to loan out our bat detector for people to go out at dusk and look for them. A late night, fleeting glimpse of an otter was a delight a few years ago.

Occasional hedgehogs, badgers and foxes have been spotted, but more often heard and not seen. Also often heard are all three common owl species, Barn, Tawny and Little. Amongst the larger birds it’s common to see and hear buzzards (with their distinctive “kew” call) and herons, with their stunning eyes. They love the damp ground around us for catching amphibians 

Other regularly spotted birds include Jays, Woodpeckers, long-tailed, blue, great and coal tits. We have nuthatches frequently adopting their head-down feeding stance on our bird feeders. We’ve had blackcaps make use of one of our nesting boxes 

Amongst the lizards and amphibians, our garden seems to provide a suitable environment for slowworms and common lizards, along with frogs and toads that gravitate to the draft that must pass under our drying room door. It’s not unknown to have to escort a frog or toad back in to the garden when it’s ventured in to the hostel though an open door 

Roe Deer occasionally venture in to the wooded area behind the hostel but are very shy. 

We have occasional visits from grey squirrels, but are delighted when we get a rare visit from our native red. The woodland between here and Grasmere is a stronghold for them.

We love to see your reports of wildlife sightings on our designated notice board in reception so keep your eyes peeled and let us know what you spot!