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    Reflecting on the Lakes

    13th August 2018

    A new promotional film about the Lake District, Reflecting on the Lakes, features poet Tony Walsh on the glories of our landscape.

    Tony Walsh, known as Longfella, recites his new poem to mark the UNESCO World Heritage Status for the Lake District National Park, with a background film showing the people and the places “up here”.

    Tony Walsh talking to the audience before the premiere of the new film

    Tony Walsh talking to the audience before the premiere of the new film

    It was launched by the LDNPA at Zeffirellis in Ambleside on the day that the National Park marked its 67th birthday.

    Manchester-based Walsh gained widespread recognition with his poem This is the Place in the aftermath of the Manchester Arena bombing. He then wrote a poem, Up ‘ere, celebrating the North West, which he read to the Ambleside audience before the screening of the new film. It was first performed and broadcast last Christmas from the top of Blackpool Tower.

    Reflecting on the Lakes sets out to shine a light on the real Lake District, celebrating all there is to love about the National Park, and according to the poet: “It’s now honoured by UNESCO with a badge we’ll wear with pride’.

    We love the film, because it shows some of our favourite places in the whole of the Lake District. And we wondered if you wanted to count and see how many different lakes – and tarns – you can spot here.


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