We’re a Cool destination: it’s official!

We are cool; it’s official. Well, to be honest, it’s been pretty chilly rather than cool over the last few weeks, but we’re rather pleased to see that Cumbria has made the annual Cool List.

The cool Langdale Pikes
Doesn’t get much cooler than this!

This is a judgment by the revered National Geographic magazine who’ve selected the 20 must-see destinations you should have on your travel horizon. And Cumbria is the only place in England that makes the top 20.

National Geographic say they scoured the globe for 2020’s most interesting destinations. The magazine says that from hiking trails and culinary hubs to luxury lodges and landmark attractions, “it’s a list that gives you plenty of inspiration close to home, as well as further afield.”

National Geographic Traveller has always championed responsible, sustainable, authentic travel. “Considering how, where and why we choose to travel is an ethos now firmly in the public consciousness. Exploring the world this decade means doing so responsibly and with purpose: tour slowly, spend locally and show support.”

The National Geographic list: we’re in good company

We know how well Cumbria and the Lake District fits into this description. And here at Elterwater Independent Hostel, we encourage all that’s best about sustainable tourism. We are happy when visitors arrive on foot, or a bike, or on the bus. We’re very pleased when they come back dripping wet (and happy) after a day on the fells (on in a lake) because getting out in all weathers means you’re making the most of a holiday.

The magazine’s editor, Pat Riddell, says: “Travel can be a powerful force for good. It can change lives, including yours.”

We have seen that here, especially when young people come here for the first time and experience something they’ve never known before: wide open spaces, communal social spaces, mixing happily with strangers from all over the world.

So a big thank you, National Geographic. And here’s the full list, so you can see what company Cumbria is keeping!

The Cool List 2020: Namibia; Baja California; Lebanon; Cumbria; Slovenia; Wales; Panama; Brisbane; Salt Lake City; Yerevan; Lyon; Ethiopia; Cairo; Los Angeles; Puerto Rico; Pakistan; Galway; Vietnam; Tel Aviv and Rio.