Staff Accommodation Rebuild Project

We have an exciting project under way to replace the existing staff buildings with brand-new purpose-built accommodation.

The current building with rather ugly pebble-dash facing, includes the manager’s cottage and two old-fashioned bed-sits with a shared galley kitchen.

The new accommodation (see before and after, version rendered model view, below), will be built from local stone and blend much better with the rest of the village.

It will be two-storey and set slightly back from the existing site, comprising a more substantial manager’s house, room for up to three staff with much improved facilities, and a two-bedroom owner’s flat.

The work is expected to take less than 12 months and we are taking steps to ensure your stay should be unaffected. The building team will be based to the rear of the existing Manager’s house, which will be screened off from the Hostel entrance. Disruption will be minimal as the work will happen during normal office hours when hostellers are usually out enjoying the fells, and should not affect the enjoyment of your stay.