After just nine months, the record for the 23 Before Tea fell running challenge has fallen again. Richard Bolton completed the 23-summit circuit, starting and ending here at Elterwater Hostel, […]

Conkers, the symbol of autumn, and a great game for generations of children (and the not so young). But what else can you do with the fruits of the horse […]

This is not an age-related offer, but…… We know that life can get a bit more challenging as you get older. We know that the young at heart, of all [...]

An Easter egg treasure hunt on the lower hills around our hostel will start in Easter week. Starting Monday April 15, on every day leading up to Easter Sunday, we […]

There’s a bible that many of our visitors carry with them on the fells, and that will be one of the Wainwright guides. It’s a good analogy because the guidebooks […]