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Welcome to the bottom bunk club

11th September 2019

This is not an age-related offer, but……

We know that life can get a bit more challenging as you get older.

We know that the young at heart, of all ages, love coming to stay here at the hostel. They love our home cooking with a glass of wine or good local ale available, and they love coming away with friends for a few days of companionship in this beautiful location.

But when they need to get up in the night to go to the loo (maybe a little more often than in their youth), the climb back to the top bunk can be more, well, challenging, than it once was.

Which is why we’ve launched the Bottom Bunk Club.

This is aimed at those groups who are happy to share a room but fight to avoid the bed ladder.

So here’s the deal. Get together a group of at least ten people, and the whole hostel can be yours for a mid-week break (Monday to Thursday) in November or December.

You need to book a minimum of two nights, but we’re offering a great bargain: bed, breakfast and dinner for just £80 per person for TWO nights. That’s with sole use of the hostel for your party…and no bunk ladders to climb.

front door
Welcome to Elterwater
Dining room
Time for dinner

Our dormitories are small ones, so it’s just three to share at most. There are good hot showers and a great drying room if you are back from a day on the hills and the cosy sitting and dining area for scrabble, reading, knitting or parlour games, if you prefer to stay ‘home’. For dinner you might be offered homemade steak pie or mushroom stroganoff, followed by Nick’s fabulous sticky toffee pudding; and the next morning there will be a Cumbrian full cooked breakfast available.

So, whatever your age, however your group is made up, book the Bottom Bunk Club for a great deal. Call us on 01539437245 or email bookings@elterwaterhostel.co.uk for more details.

Bunk beds
Avoid the ladder

Book direct for the best deals

3rd September 2018

THERE’S a growing campaign to persuade visitors – to the Lakes and elsewhere – to book direct with their chosen accommodation provider.

Here at Elterwater Hostel  we can understand and appreciate the need for online booking agencies if you’re looking for the cheapest deal on a city break, or a package holiday overseas. Too much choice,  and you might well need help making up your mind.

But here, in the heart of Langdale, to be honest there’s nothing quite like our hostel. We are a genuine example of that overused word, unique.

Great Langdale

Great Langdale and the Langdale Pikes

We’re independent, so we’re not run by any outside organisation. We’re a family business, and our hostel is managed by people who know the area better than the back of their hands. And we’re in a tiny village, named after the nearby tiny lake, where we know that no-one else is offering quite what we offer.

So we are making a direct appeal to you, to book with us direct. From our website you can see at a glance what we have available on the dates that you’re looking for. Maybe you’re a solo traveller looking for a room in a (small) dormitory? Then book direct. Or a family wanting a room together, and one that’s ensuite? Book direct is the answer.

The details are all there for you to see, availability, cost – and the knowledge that you don’t have to pay up front, until you get here.

Book direct at Elterwater Hostel

Our warm welcome…..

Still not found what you’re looking for online? Pick up the phone and give us a call to book direct, especially if your request is an unusual one. Sometimes it’s possible to book sole use of a dorm, for example. And of course if you want to bring a party of schoolchildren, or a group of fellrunners, we can tell you when we have room to keep you all happy.

By booking direct the contract is with us, the price is better, the cancellation terms are more generous – AND we can use the 15% commission we have to pay online booking agents to reinvest in the business to give our guests a better experience all round. There’s no commission, either if you book via the Independent Hostels website

There are many other independent hostels all over the country, and around the world, of course. They are all individual, with their own special characteristics, benefits, and staff who know that these are great places to meet people and make new friends. They’re ideal for visitors from overseas, for those travelling by public transport, and for those who want the best possible value for money.

These can be found on the Independent Hostels website where all the booking buttons link direct to the hostels’ own booking systems, so you can guarantee you are booking direct every time.

Here at Elterwater we have been making improvements season by season and we’re confident that your stay with us will be comfortable. And with Nick and his team in the kitchen, we know that you’re going to have great home cooking, hearty breakfasts, local produce – and some local beers to go with dinner.

Please spread the word among your travelling friends, and stop to think when you’re next planning a trip – book direct with your hostel.