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    Last week, Dan, Patrick and Pete stopped in for a night on their epic cross country Coast to Coast off-road cycle challenge. We love guests like this – people taking advantage of the best of Britain’s countyside to take on exciting and adventurous challenges – well done lads!

    The boys promised us an email and a photo to let us know they made it safe and sound. Here’s what they said:

    “We did it, all 332km! We got there to plan and all in one piece (just – Dan ended up in A&E after a fall on the last day. He’s all good, no break).

     It was tough going in places and especially that first big day over the passes. Your hospitality was much appreciated as it lifted our spirits for the rest of the trip. You guys were awesome, going the extra mile to make sure we were comfortable and well looked after. It was with this help from you that helped us to smash the 75km to Kirkby Stephen the next day. You are just the kind of people that make travel so refreshing – strangers willing to help those with similiar minds!

     Thanks guys – we will visit again.”

    Elterwater Cycle Coast to Coast

    Dan, Patch and Pete cycled off road from Coast to Coast, stopping in at Elterwater on their way!

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